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Who knows the statement is not to respond to the "prior art" - this should serve as an incentive for Pamalux only, but the basic form of our LED technicians who are one step ahead of many years of technology. So Pamalux provides for years to an individual surface lighting solution, where we are able to offer in lengths of up to 2.8m and a sensationally low height of 3.5 cm a 230 area lighting solution with individual sectional dimensions. Unbeatable and currently only available on the market at our company! Just ask us!


In the LED technology to date are also conventional products such as fluorescent lamps optionally equipped in accordance with LED. We also find top current products such as LED panels, LED illuminated kitchen splashbacks and a huge selection of profiles in the work focused on technology, which are completely assembled and manufactured in house.
A self-developed LED profile with a integrated not visible transformer (230V can be connected), also available in the colours gold and brushed nickel or individually anodised, provides great popularity to our customers. Especially in recent years, a lot of new types of profiles has occupied, so that we can offer not only standard solutions, also special Corner, H- and coat hook profiles. Here we can say, there are no limits.

You wouldn't beliefe, but there are also a lot of differences with the profile covers. But Pamalux sets a high standard here as well and offers a standard LED cover with a light transmittance of more than 80% special prismatic covers (observance of UGR below 19 and light transmittance of almost 96 %!)


The LED technology has set clear accents in the recent years - even with Pamalux there is a wide range of LED strips, individual products even with a light output of 3000 lumens per square meter. The matching control is included: for one color, multicolor or RGBW. Also nanocoated LED strips are a part of our product range, which arrange the advantage of IP protection to that IP not protected LED strip (LED width and color temperature).


Pamalux developed together with some external technicians powerful and high end LED control systems, which guarantee a minimum level of light even with disturbances. So performance of several 1000 watt are safe and dependable to control. Since the LED power is getting stronger and more intense, the demands for dimming and control systems to bus systems in recent years have always grown. Therefore we offer with all our products, the technical feasibility for individual solutions and existing bus systems - ask us!

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