Lampshade production

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Traditional products, such as conventional lampshades, have even not stopped the developement of LED-technology. Pamalux focused for years to expand the in-house shade production, which runs now mainly automated by technical mechanical support. The production of a lampshade is done entirely in our house: from the first CAD plans over the actual implementation by the in-house welding shop or paint shop until the final equipping with material and (LED) technology: everything from one source.

This has several advantages:

  • no delivery delay caused by any (pre)suppliers
  • short delivery times
  • individual adaptation in all areas
  • high quality
  • a genuine “Made in Austria”

Pamalux has produced successfully classic lampshades from our catalogs for many years, but also a variety of custom-made products. Format cutters, welding machines, CNC machines, plotters, fully automated bending machines of different sizes and high-resolution printers provide high quality manufacturing with consistently short delivery time.

  • Paint shop / welding shop
  • Printing
  • Lamination / Plotter
  • Pleating / sewing
  • technical assembly / manufacturing
  • Final inspection / quality assurance

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